The Profile: Pirapus - Need You Now

The Profile 30/04/2021

George & Tex, affectionately known around these ways as “PIRAPUS” are a producer duo hailing from Aotearoa having one helluva come up! They’re creating quite the name for themselves over the last 12 months, a name that is sure to stick around, even if it takes you a couple times to pronounce it correctly.

Their most recent release “Need You Now” featuring the amazing vocal talents of Christina Harrison is doing the rounds in spectacular fashion. Premiered earlier in the year on George FM Breakfast & getting the nod from Belgium Boris - primarily known as NETSKY - it was only a matter of time till it was released to the masses. 

An infectious vocal paired with what is undeniably Pirapus’ best produced track to date, George & Tex have created a winning formula and are set to make waves within the drum & bass realm in the coming months. Only days after release the track was getting critical acclaim from international and local artists…

A.M.C - “Cracking tune this lads! Massive Props.”

Koven - “I’m hooked on this track, one of my favourites this year!”

Lee Mvtthews - “One of the most exciting tracks to come out of NZ for a hot minute!”

In an earlier interview I did with the fellahs via a covid-19 “Virtual Beer” I asked who inspires them and who’d they’d love to work with in the future.

“Again, quite a few names on that list. Obviously, we'd love to collaborate with the Lee Mvtthews boys. They’re putting out straight dancefloor heat and I reckon a combination of our sounds would be sick. The Upbeats are another duo who are producer idols of ours that we’d love to collab with.”

With a release like “Need You Know” it's only a matter of time till their collab dreams come to fruition. Big Ups to Pirapus & Christina Harrison on presenting the fruits of their labour to Aotearoa and beyond. Now lastly, here’s a quick how to on “Pirapus” pronunciation straight from the horse's mouth…

“This has been a hotly contested question haha. Hard to actually show via text but we’ll do our best. The pronunciation is ‘Purr-rah-pus’ all said as one word quickly. Hope that puts some arguments to rest!”

- Brook Gibson