The Profile: Sally is the artist you’ve been waiting for; check out her new single 'Calculated'

The Profile 11/02/2019

Sally has been carefully crafting her music behind closed doors and is now poised to be heard much further afield. 

Going simply by her mononym, Sally is the dance / pop star you’ve been waiting for. If you don't believe us, check out her first single "Calculated" here. Produced by George FM favourite Cymbol and shaped by the hard-won wisdom of a break-up.

I think every song I write is a lesson,” Sally says. “I’d come out of a relationship and I was posting pictures that made it look like I was having a great time. I wrote ‘Calculated’ about those times, realising that you’re just making things look better from the outside.

I feel like social media just becomes a viewing platform for a battle of who is the happiest post break up - it's fucked.

Sally is Australian born but these days calls Auckland, New Zealand home and we are loving the sound of her fizzing synth-pop debut here on the George FM profile. 

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