The Profile: Tali links with State of Mind for 'Love & Migration' remix

The Profile 15/10/2019

New Zealand's First Lady of Drum & Bass is back with a refreshed version of her single 'Love & Migration' featuring Malaky & Georgie Fisher. This time Kiwi production duo State of Mind jump on the remix following the release of their album 'Land of the Blind' and it's huge!

Nominate for Best Electronic Artist at the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, Tali's 2018 album Love & Migration is full of moody, cinematic production, with lush vocal features from Georgie Fisher, Blake, Degs and RosaDub, and of course steering it all - Tali, with her, soulful husky voice alternating between unassuming almost whispered raps on her tracks 'Language' and 'Sonder', to soaring uplifting storytelling on tracks like 'Situations', 'Silhouettes' and 'Indigo Drive'.