#KnitForJacinda has the country knitting tiny gears for Cindy's unborn baby

funny shit 25/01/2018

Knitters across the country are making baby clothes in the wake of Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy - but the tiny garments won't be going to Parliament.

Instead people are donating handmade clothing to the children's ward at Middlemore Hospital so babies in need will have warm woollies for their first few weeks of life.

The crafty movement began with a tweet posted on Saturday by Kiwi expat Heather McCracken.

Others were keen to join the movement, which quickly became known as #KnitForJacinda.

Some posted photos of their creations, which included hats, boots and even a mini replica of the Prime Minister herself.

Users from New Zealand and abroad expressed amazement at both the creativity and generosity of the knitters.

Ms Ardern's pregnancy has been greeted with congratulations from around the world, including from other leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Nicola Sturgeon and former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Source: Newshub.