Animals about to drop a sick mixtape

funny shit 27/02/2017

Are you ready for the freshest new beats to hit the airwaves in 2017?

Don't let their furry faces fool you, these animals are about to drop the hottest mixtapes of the year.

1. 2017 Forest Hill Drive

2. Good Boy, M.A.A.D City

3. Straight Outta Outback

4. Boots with the fur

5. Throwin' Some Shade

6. Selfie game strong

7. Such emotion, much wonder

8. Pandemic comin' at ya

9. Tunes as fresh as the arctic air

10. Mandrillion$

11. Majestic AF

12. Odd Forest Animal Gang

13. Coming in Hot

14. Squirrels With Attitude

15. Sky Rats

16. Spike x2