Tammy reveals he boned a chick in a plane seat behind Dom Harvey

Breakfast 22/05/2017

After being abandoned on a New Mexico runway for 30 years, Elvis Presley’s long lost jet has recently been found. 

It’s been auctioned off, and is thought to reach at least $3.5 million, despite the fact that it no longer has an engine and will likely never fly again.   

While discussing the plane, George Breakfast’s conversation quickly escalated into a Mile High Club chat.


Elvis' jet

Clint: “It looks like the inside of a strip club.”

Kara: “Elvis did a lot of drugs… there’d have been a lot of partying on this plane.”


That planes seen more tail than an SPCA mate, I’m telling ya.

On that note, Clint flipped the convo, asking if any of his co-hosts were part of the Mile High Club themselves - Giving Tammy the primo op to reveal he’d boned a chick in a business class seat on the way home from a trip to Vegas.

“I was shouting the trip, so I went: 'Hey, there’s two conditions. We have a really good time and we join the mile high club.'”

Kara’s incredulous at this point: “So, if she’d have said no, you wouldn’t have taken her?”
“I probably would have taken someone else.”

Too much Tammy.

Clint was much more interested in the logistics.

“So you just went for it in the seat!?”

Tammy explains:

Those business class seats fold all the way down, so you just kinda shimmy on in there.

“I just kinda um, spooned and then the spooning turned into…”

And as if this wasn't a yarn and a half already, here’s the real clincher.

 “The funniest thing was… I thought they were sleeping in front of us. Do you know who was sleeping in front of us?

...Dom Harvey.”

Being his former colleague, Clint's cracking up: “Was he sleeping or watching?”

“Aw, probably beating off.” 

 We tried to give Dom a call to confirm, he didn’t pick up, but we did get this text  message.