Auckland Rotty walks out the gate, turns up on a Whangarei doorstep three years later

Breakfast 03/07/2017

Three years ago, the gate was accidentally left open at Waldorf's house. He was gone burgers. Never to be heard from again - or so his distraught owners had come to accept, after months of unsucessful searching. 

Then last Saturday, Waldorf the Rottweiler turned up on Crystal Stott's doorstep, 200kms North of his house. 

Stott wasn't sure what to do with ol' Waldorf. Turning to social media and the council, she found out who Waldorf was and how long he'd been missing - all thanks to microchip technology.

Stott was determined to find Waldorf's owners, who were actually over in China at the time, but beyond stoked to hear their dog was a-ok. 

Stott bought the dog to friends of the owner, who knew Waldorf, and apparently Waldorf was chuffed. 

"You know those do reunions you see on FB? Like one on those." 

Who doesn't love a heartwarming doggo story? 

Tammy and Kara apparently... 

Anyway, lesson learned: Microchip your pets! Cause if they go missing, there's a good chance they could come back to you!