There's a special Rick & Morty live stream going down on Adultswim this Friday

Rick & Morty 27/06/2017

The delay on Rick & Morty Season 3 has been more painful and drawn-out than an enternity in the Time Prison.

However the painful wait COULD all be over this Thursday 9pm EST - (Which is actually 1pm Friday in New Zealand).

Show runner Dan Harmon apologised to the fans for being a fuck around and "taking way too long" to get the season out a couple months ago.

Taking one for the team, he shouldered the blame, claiming it was his and fellow producer Justin Roliand's writing that had caused the delay.

But that really hasn't eased the gaping Rick & Morty sized hole left inside us all, since they dropped S3, Ep. 1 on April Fools. 

But, now, finally we have movement.

Yesterday, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland announced a Rick & Morty marathon of every episode in S1 & S2, followed by a mysterious Rick & Morty live stream that will air on the Adult Swim's website this Thursday night EST.

Well fuck me and a WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! 

No confirmation on what the livestream will actually be. A new episode? The whole season? A cagefight between two real life Rick and Morty clones they've been secretly building? 

Only way to find out is to tune in. They've got us by the balls.

But as Morty puts it: "Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We're all going to die. Come watch TV."

Roisin Kelly.