Local tradies hit Lions tour, woke up this morning with matching Rotovegas tats and no regrets

Lloyd Thomas, Conor Lawson and Clay Sandford 

What happens in Rotovegas stays in Rotovegas… unless it’s a cursive tattoo on your upper thigh, commemorating the Lions Tour 2017 (and NZ Maori's abysmal loss), forever.

In which case, yeah nah, you’re fucked.

Clay Sandford, a Birkdale-based builder, hit Rotorua with the boys for a weekend of rugby and debauchery.

Despite never having received any ink on his body prior to this weekend, he thought getting the words ‘Lions Tour 2017, Rotovegas’ was a sick as idea.

The story is pretty simple. The people he was staying with had a tattoo gun, and in the pregame drinks/froth-fest, the tattoo gun came out, and three of the boys, (Clay, Conor Lawson and Lloyd Thomas) got matching tats.

Lloyd is Welsh, while the other two are Kiwis. 

Clay explained: "Yeah, we jumped on the bandwagon for the tour..."

“Its not the greatest yarn. Rotovegas/pissed/ tattoo gun = what me and the boys have on our legs.”

Not the greatest yarn? We beg to differ.

Despite the NZ Maori receving a hiding during the game, the three boys say no regrets.

At least someone feels like they had a win this weekend in Rotorua...