Local tradies hit Lions tour, woke up this morning with matching Rotovegas tats and no regrets

tradie 19/06/2017

Lloyd Thomas, Conor Lawson and Clay Sandford 

What happens in Rotovegas stays in Rotovegas… unless it’s a cursive tattoo on your upper thigh, commemorating the Lions Tour 2017 (and NZ Maori's abysmal loss), forever.

In which case, yeah nah, you’re fucked.

Clay Sandford, a Birkdale-based builder, hit Rotorua with the boys for a weekend of rugby and debauchery.

Despite never having received any ink on his body prior to this weekend, he thought getting the words ‘Lions Tour 2017, Rotovegas’ was a sick as idea.

The story is pretty simple. The people he was staying with had a tattoo gun, and in the pregame drinks/froth-fest, the tattoo gun came out, and three of the boys, (Clay, Conor Lawson and Lloyd Thomas) got matching tats.

Lloyd is Welsh, while the other two are Kiwis. 

Clay explained: "Yeah, we jumped on the bandwagon for the tour..."

“Its not the greatest yarn. Rotovegas/pissed/ tattoo gun = what me and the boys have on our legs.”

Not the greatest yarn? We beg to differ.

Despite the NZ Maori receving a hiding during the game, the three boys say no regrets.

At least someone feels like they had a win this weekend in Rotorua...