There's now a dating app for people who just wanna bone tradies. No joke.

Apps 05/07/2017

Hey maaaaate!

Yeah, I'm looking at all you builders, brick layers, plumbers and sparkies...

Sick of jumping on Tinder and competing against all these sexy, suited wankers who work in advertising or law, or those DJ and musician shmucks, the girls keep throwing their ham at?

How about all you ladies out there who just want a rugged tradie to keep you warm at night, with their love for Swandris and steak & cheese pies? .... And their sweet pay packets... And flexing muscles...  

Well, well, well, have I got news for you.

The Aussies have just launched the 'Date A Tradie' app, which is essentially Tinder for tradies and ladies (or guys) who just wanna have sex with tradies.


Instyle have explained that you swipe left if you don't like the person and right if you do, but there is also "a sliding scale led by a love heart" that you can use as well.

Not hundies sure what that means. But we're thinking you can literally rate how hot someone is...

"Yeah, yeah, you're about a 7."

Honesty is the best policy??

You can upload six photos of yourself AND a video! Plus, there's even a 'Tradie of the Month' section. 

Into it. 

Free download here.

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Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl)