Three dudes got arrested for stealing $300,000 worth of avocados

News 21/06/2017

Californian-based Joseph Valenzuela, Carlos Chavez and Rahim Leblanc allegedly stole $300,000 worth of avos from their workplace Mission Produce.

Damn. That's a lot of breakfast bruschetta.

The trio has reportedly been making "unauthorised cash sales" for several months, but the cops caught on to their grand avo heist in May, after receiving several tips from the avo watch community, i.e. customers.  

Ventura County Sergeant John Franchi told the LA Times: "Everybody loves avocados. We take these kinds of thefts seriously."

Well, that's a real relief Franchi. Avocados are a serious business. How will our Sunday Gram game ever keep up with all thoe cool, hip influencers if we don't get our avolatte and brunch feature?  

Yeah, it's tough. You might be getting real tired of settling for salsa cause there's no guac at Mexico atm, but take comfort knowing the avo shortage is even more real in the US.  

A failed crop in California and Mexico has seen prices for the superfood skyrocket.

And with Trump set to introduce an import tax for goods in Mexico, the nationwide shortage is only going to get worse.  

God damnit Trump, leave the avocados alone.