Woman drives 500km on epic KFC run


An aussie woman from a town with no KFC has gone through a shit load of effort to bring back $300 worth of nuggets, wings and potato and gravy.

Jodie Gandolfo who lives in Port Hedland, Western Australia, was heading to Karratha which is a good 240kms away for an appointment.

She decided to make a weekend of it, and along with her mates, phoned the Karratha store and ordered up large. 

The next day she then visited the store and picked up the mammoth feast. (What a champion!)

"The Karratha KFC is used to us Hedlanders ordering up big, [and] the manager was great about it," Ms Gandolfo tells WA Today.

Unless you live in a town like Hedland you wouldn't understand,

Now if you're wondering how she kept the food good for the 2 1/2 hour trip back, well she packed the food into thermal bags to keep it warm on the trip home.

"Unless you live in a town like Hedland you wouldn't understand," she told WA Today.