Former NZ actor turned radio host reflects on his days as a tinny dealer

Breakfast 01/08/2017

With the help of Good George brewery, George Breakfast are brewing a beer called 'Beats Brew' that you'll be able to consume later this month at Beervana.

Clint, Kara and Tammy asked listeners to help them pick a tune to brew the beer too, and the UB40 classice 'Bring Me Your Cup' came out as the democratically-elected winner.

This resulted in one mighty yarn from Tammy Davis about this one time he really badly wanted to go to a UB40 show but didn't have any money, so he stood outside the venue with his cuz and sold tinnies until they had enough money to scalp some tickets...

Tu meke.

Listen to the full story in Tammy's words above.   

Watch: Tammy and Clint head to the Good George brewery to help brew the official George beer 'Beats Brew'