NZ just got its first certified pet detective, yes this is a real thing

Breakfast 18/07/2017

Has your kitty or doggo gone missing!? CUE MEGAN DENIZE.  

Clint, Kara and Tammy got our Nation's first pet detective on George Breakfast to chat about her line of work. Listen above.

If you want more info check out her official press release below.

Finally animal-loving Kiwis have a specialist to find their precious pet

If you thought Ace Ventura was just a figment of Hollywood imagination, think again.  New Zealand has long been a nation of animal lovers.  We have the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world, but worryingly 1 in 3 of these pets go missing.  And until now, there wasn’t a single specialist qualified to track them down.  But that’s about to change.

Megan Denize is New Zealand’s first Certified Pet Detective and the founder of; a service she has been building and testing over the last five years to successfully track down missing animals.  Denize has been trained and certified by a former US Police Detective to track down missing animals using the search strategies and forensic techniques that were originally developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons.

“Inspector Spot is the first system in the world to combine decades of research into missing pet behavior with a powerful advertising system and the expertise of a Certified Pet Detective to provide a highly personalised lost pet recovery system.”

After caring for over one hundred lost animals herself, Denize recognised that simply circulating photographs of lost pets on the internet was not enough, and set out to build a better solution which marries technology with pet psychology and search strategies used by US Police Agencies.

“There are lost pet websites all over the world” says Denize “but they focus on only one part of the puzzle – circulating photographs and phoning or faxing people in the local area.  While this makes pet owners feel like they’re doing everything they can to find their pet, in reality this is only 1% of what it takes to track a missing pet down.”

“Every missing pet behaves differently.  Where they go and the way you track them down is influenced by their species, their personality, the environment they went missing in and the reason why they went missing” explains Denize. 

CSI-Style Profiling

 “The way you locate a missing cat versus a missing dog is very different.  The distance they travel and where they will be found varies immensely.  At Inspector Spot, we undertake CSI-style profiling of every pet we work with to determine where that pet is most likely to be.  We then work with the pet owner to build a customised plan to track their pet down.”

Instant Geographic Alerts

“Acting quickly is critical to successful recovery.  So in addition to profiling each pet, Inspector Spot’s system instantly alerts members of the community every time a pet goes missing.  This part of the system is completely automated so there is no down time, even if a pet owner needs help at 3am. It is the only system of its kind, anywhere in the world.”


Facial Recognition Technology

In another New Zealand first, Inspector Spot provides users with the added benefit of facial recognition technology. Inspector Spot has a system that allows users to upload photographs of pets that are lost or found completely free of charge.  Each photograph is then scanned; and when the system finds a match based on the physical characteristics of the pet, an alert is sent out to both parties.

“Facial Recognition Systems are more commonly associated with identifying humans” explains Denize.  “We are the only organisation in New Zealand using it to identify missing pets.”

“The facial recognition technology is only one of the many tools we use.  Like microchips, our facial recognition system helps to identify missing pets, but neither of them actually finds lost animals.  That is the role that our Certified Pet Detectives play in the process.”

Inspector Spot’s system:

1    Gives pet owners the support of a Certified Pet Detective to help guide the search for their missing pet.

2    Helps pet owners to pinpoint precisely where their pet is most likely to be, based on each pet’s species, its  personality, the area it went missing from and the circumstances of its disappearance.

3    Instantly produces professionally designed Lost Posters for their pet.

4    Immediately distributes copies of their pet’s poster to vets, animal hospitals, rescue groups, shelters and other pet related businesses in the area the pet was last seen.

5    Immediately sets up online Facebook and Google Advertisements, targeting people in the area their pet was last seen.

6      Uses facial recognition to electronically matche lost and found pets, and alerts both parties if the system finds two animals that match.

It’s a unique combination of services that Denize knows well.  Her background as an Internationally Award-Winning Marketing Director provides the foundation of Inspector Spot’s advertising system.  And her dedication to fostering animals in need, combined with her training as a Certified Pet Detective, has provided a wealth of knowledge in the behavior of missing animals.  She has fostered more than one hundred cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens and ducklings in the last few years.

Inspector Spot’s services are FREE for pets that have been members of Inspector Spot for 30 days or more and are FREE for rescue organizations or members of the public wishing to issue a Found Pet Alert.  Annual membership costs $20 per pet per year and includes birthday, adoption day and Christmas cards plus email reminders when it’s time for flea treatment, worming tablets and time to visit the vet.

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