10 Post Malone memes to remind you how cooked the internet really is

funny shit 21/08/2017

In the latest weird meme trend consuming many a millenial's (and Jay Bulletproof's) Facebook feed, I suppose you could say the Post Malone meme game was strong this weekend.

Essentially, people have been photoshopping the young R&B singer's face on to... well, pretty much everything.   


Well fuck, I don't know... 

For the lols m8? 

Special shout outs to Jay Bulletproof for putting me on to this, and Josh Troskie's FB page, where I found most of these. 

On a side note, you can catch Roast Malone himself at Northern Bass this year. 

Anywaaaay. Without further ado, here's ten Roast Malone memes.  

1. "Post Cologne"

2. "Almost Malone"

3. "Host Malone" 

4. "Home Malone"

5. "Leave Malone Alone"

6. "Host Malone" 2.0

7. "Coast Malone" 

8. "Toast Malone"

9. "Roast Malone"

10. "Post Stalone"