Watch out Tammy, Khal Drogo reckons the ABs are the greatest team on Earth, your wife is probs next

Pics 21/08/2017

Forget the Dothraki army ripping shit up in Westeros. Khal Drogo froths our boys in black. 

Earlier this month, Tammy gave his wife a hall pass to screw Jason Mamoa aka Aquaman aka Khal Drogo, after she went to Hawaii to attend a hula competiton Jason was also going to be at... And then Tammy didn't hear from her... for days.

Now, Jason's in Syndey... seen repping an All Blacks jumper with his kids at the Bledisloe cup over the weekend...

He's closing in Tim Tam. 

Jason is claiming he reckons the "All Blacks are the greatest team on earth"... 

Could this all just be a guise to come in and swoop up Tammy's missus? 

Admittedly, this is somewhat unlikely, seen as Jason's got the gorgeous Lisa Bonet locked down as his baby mama and he even captioned his photo "#missumama"

... but we'll take any chance to wind Tammy up.