Hungover? Then cheese is your best friend!

funny shit 08/09/2017

Feeling like a sack of shit because you had a big night on the rinse last night? Then we've got the solution for you...cheese!

You wake up and the suns out (in fact it's probably been out for ages as it's 1 o'clock in the arvo and you've wasted your day sleeping from the hard night before), your head is throbbing (and we mean the head on your shoulders...guys get your head out the gutter) and you feel like chucking up the 3am Maccas run. In summary hangovers suck! However cheese has come to the rescue.

Apparently the great things in cheese like calcium, enzymes & protein is what keeps the good ole power chuck at bay.

So next time you're feeling like crap, reach for's your new best friend!