It's official, New Zealanders are a bunch of wankers

masturbation 04/09/2017

Durex has released a study revealing Kiwis deem masturbation 73% more acceptable than the rest of the world.

That's right boys and girls, tickle your pickle, butter your muffin, consult Dr. Jackoff, flick that bean, go white water wristing, hold finger puppet auditions in your pants... whatever you wanna call it, play with yourself and do it with your head held high, because Kiwis like to masturbate and we're proud of it. 

On a not so positive note, the study, which surveyed 500 adults across NZ also found 25 percent of Kiwis didn't use contraception when they lost their virginity and only 23% of Kiwis  use condoms regularly.

So, Durex have launched their first Sexual Health month.

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