Johnny Danger's lager breaks Pak'nSave sales records, sells out in five hours

News 22/09/2017

Yesterday there were huge cues across the country as the first release of Dangers Lager came into stock in select supermarkets and liquor stores... and then sold out in five hours. 

Faaaaarking yeaaahaaw Johnny! 

Danger posted shots of cues from Hamilton, Whangamata and outside the Manukau Pak'NSave before the store even opened on his Snapchat ('dangerbeesknees').   

As soon as the doors rolled up hundreds of his thirsty fans blitzed the supermarket, and stocked up on Dangers Lager, completely smashing all stock in five hourss.

Pak'NSave was even selling scotch fileha and frypans next to the boxs of beer. So good.   

Later on, Danger updated his Snapchat announcing that Pak'NSave had called him and said he'd broken a sales record. 

The Danger Lager drop coincides with Johnny Danger's MTV show release today on the MTV website and on Sky's MTV (Channel 15) on October 12th.  

Check the trailer out below.