Man caught with pingers smothered in vegemite strapped to his penis at Melbourne music festival


Melbourne's Listen Out festival took place over the weekend, and one man got a little creative with his drug smuggling.

And by creative we mean smothering his MDMA in the Aussie's favourite yeasty spread, ye' old vegemite, then strapping the pills to his dick. The vegemite was used to throw the sniffer doggos off, of course.

Fair call mate.

Unfortunately, on the basis that we're talking about it right now, he was not successful in his stealthy vegemite pinger peen mission.  

News Corp reported multiple men with pingers strapped to their penis. However it was just one man who fucked with vegemite.

Port Phillip Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey said “One smothered his MDMA in Vegemite believing the dog would not be able to detect his drugs. Wrong,”
Police seized a variety of drugs from 24 punters over the course of the festival and are reportedly "disappointed" with their haul.

Not sure what they've got to be dissappointed about... pingers and dance music reminds us of 'the chicken or the egg theory'. Really. What came first? What did the cops really expect?

Everyone to drink lemonade and wave their hands around in the air like they just don't care? 

We thought 24 sounded like a relatively low number, considering police babbed more than a 120 drugged up dearros at the Syndey leg of Listen Out last year.

Some people there's just no pleasing... 

If you haven't heard of Listen Out, it's a touring Aussie festival, that's essentially the Our:House line up - Malaa, Touch Sensitive, Getter and What So Not - before they fly over here this weekend, plus Mac Miller, Duke Dumont and Jai Wolf.  

Thank fuck New Zealand doesn't routinely use sniffer dogs at festivals...

But, guys, if you're planning on hitting Our:House this Friday, maybe don't take the vegemite pinger willy approach. After all that effort, it seems a real shame to get caught.