Aussie man paid someone to rob his home in bizarre plan to break up with his girlfriend

Breakfast 28/09/2017

Michael Dennis Boulton. The Aussie man who employed a robber to break into his house in the most bizarre break up of all time.

A cowardly text or an awkward coffee would have sufficed mate. Now you've gone and landed yourself in court. 

Just. Wut.

Boulton's plan was to break up with his girlfriend while he was on holiday. He paid a burglar to break into his place and take all her shit so when he got back he'd never have to deal with her or anything that reminded him of her again... Only thing is, he didn't break up with her, then when she got back she was all "Um, what the fuck, where's all my shit and why are none of your things gone!? Eh?"

We're talking laptop, jewellry and passport.

Anyway, police turned up and Boulton eventually fessed up to what he'd done.

His lawyer stated "He realises now that he should have handled the break-up better."

The Magistrate has branded Boulton's behaviour as "disturbing" and ordered him to pay $886 to the woman to compensate for her belongings.