What age do you stop getting lucky?

Breakfast 07/09/2017

Producer Ben has an 83 year old grandfather who’s complaining about all the ladies in his rest home who want to come back to his house. But he’s not having a bar of it; he’s prioritising puzzles over pussy.

Clint was overly “glad to hear” about Ben’s granddad’s endeavours and knew way too much about rest homes.

Clint’s fun fact of the day was:

Did you know STD’s are a real issue in rest homes in New Zealand?  

We didn’t think that producer Ben’s granddad was the only who’s still got it and he definitely wasn’t…

My granddad is 94, was recently enquiring about 'the tinder'...

Old people in rest homes just seem like they’ve got too much time on their hands, plus there are heaps of pharmaceuticals lying around.  Sounds like a pretty sweet life.