Legendary Aussie party-planner throwing 10-year anniversary shindig

funny shit 10/10/2017

A decade after the rager that catapulted him into the public spotlight, Corey Worthington is back for round two.

Worthington, who is now covered in tattoos and married to the love of his life, is believed to have given his blessing to a 10-year reunion party doing the rounds on Facebook.

In 2008, the then-16-year-old hit the headlines for giving some memorably blasé responses to the destruction caused at a party he'd hosted. He famously refused to remove yellow-rimmed glasses to apologise during a TV interview.

Police needed the dog squad and a helicopter to bring the rowdy party he pulled together in southeast Melbourne to a close.

The shindig he threw back then was big enough, attracting 500 people who then went crazy on the streets - but this time, nearly 6000 people have clicked attending on the event, with another 13,000 expressing their interest.

The event's creators say the party is reliant on Worthington confirming a location, but it'll be somewhere in Narre Warren, the suburb the first one was held in.

On the event page, they've promised to provide a host of musical acts that were big a decade ago, and encouraged party-goers to bring a plus-one and a plate of food.

The party is scheduled for January 8, 2018.