George FM finds out - once and for all - which trade is the biggest bunch of cowboys

Breakfast 17/10/2017

And that's when I realised... a lot of tradies hate other tradies.

Clint almost died this week. Tried to clear his gutters. Tin roof. Tin flashings around the edge of the house. Metal on metal. Electric shot mate.

So, he called his electrician to find out what the bloody heck was going on.

It'll be those plumbers mate. Those plumbers are hill billys.

This is Clint's explantion: 

"Sparkie found that the entire roof was alive because the person who installed the electric heat pump on the house installed the switch to the heat pump facing up, which meant the on off part had water draining into the  switch, into the electrics.

He opened it up the whole thing was full with water, which was making that conduct through to the steal base of the heat pump on to the roof which turned the whole roof electric.

He goes : "there was 26 volts running through this roof, which is a good little buzz for you, but if you had the heat pump running, if it was on, you would have got 240. Boom. Shot you right off the roof."" 

Then Clint's sparkie went in on the guys who installed it. Originally, though he thought it was a problem with the gas... 

Are you on gas mate? It'll be those plumbers mate. They'll have left live currents running through the cylinder. Those plumbers are hill billys." 

"And that's when I realised... a lot of tradies hate other tradies." 

Who's the biggest group of cowboys? 

"Well every tradie likes to think that they're the best,"  adds Kara.
So, we decided to find out what the shoddiest trade is. Who's the biggest group of cowboys? 

Is it the hill billy plumber's Clint's sparky thinks it is? Is it landscapers who put gib in your plant boxs? Truck drivers who can't back undewr a flipping bucket? Is it the scaffies? Chippies? Heat pump installer?  

George FM Breakfast have democratically identified the dodgiest tradie. Listen above.