If Masteron has been nominated for NZ's most beautiful city, what's the shittest?

Breakfast 05/10/2017

Every year there's a list released for finalists of "NZ's most beautiful city", and this years list is made up of:

- Napier 

"The Art Deco capital of New Zealand, Kara, you should get down there and get some culture in you." Chea Tammy.

- Tauranga 

"Ooh yeah, that's a nice city." 

- And Masterton...

Two issues: 

1. Masterton is not a city.
2. Even the people of Masteron don't believe that they should be nominated for this award. 

Here are some of the best comments on the FB post from Masterton residents: 

What do I think about this? I think you have to be bloody joking.


Have all the other cities in New Zealand been blown up and Masterton is the only one left?

So, we decided to ask you guys... If Masterton is one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand, what's the shittest? 

Our only criteria was that you have to have lived there. You had to have contributed to that town in some way, economically, socially...  

And holy shit, the text machine reaction was insane. You guys have ragging on your own towns down pat. 

"Worst town has to be Ranui. First of all, it's a thoroughfare to nowhere. Secondly it's full of meth. Lastly, the sinnies (synthetics?) are made there. It's a hole. Fill it."

"Hastings. If they were going to give NZ an enema... that's where they'd stick the hose." 

"Huntly should just be spelt with a C instead. The smell of smoke and coalfires, all the degenerates, please bring on the new highway so we never have to drive through it again."

"Levin is a true shithole there is absolutely nothing to do there, at school they even warn you that the girls will try and sleep with you to get pregnant."

"Have you ever been to Levin? The right price store is always sold out of pregnancy tests and Waikato Draught. That has to be the shittest, surely." 

Somehow, Kara narrowed the overwhelming response down to three finalists for NZ's shittest city:

- Huntly
- Whanganui 

"Eh, I was born there Kara!"

Sorry about it Tammy... 

- Or Papakura 

Yes, we know it's not a city, but the hate that was coming in was so strong it had to get a special nomination... 

"What?? More than Levin." Yes Clint, more than Levin.





Congrats Huntly. 

Check out some of the slander that came through on the text machine below.