Study finds douchebags more likely to travel to cool places for the likes

funny shit 13/10/2017

A recent study by the University of Georgia has essentially proven wankers travel to particular places for the likes. 

Let's not lie. We've all had our suspicions. It's not exactly mind blowing news. But it's a little bit funny that they've done studies on this shit.  

So, all those Instagram captions like:
- "Never felt more alive that I did scootering around Ho Chi Minh "  
- "Thanks Onsen Hot Pools for putting it on."
- "Have a whole a new perspective on the world, cheers Machu Picchu." 

Blah blah blah wank blah, all that is far more likely to be a thinly veiled facade for inherent narcissism and a need for validation through likes, instead of a a genuine interest in travel...

 Which is:

1. Comforting for those of us who look at our Instagram feeds and are often left with a feeling of inferiority what with our boring suburban life, our 9-5 job, the Sunday roast with Mum, every second Saturday spent sinking piss with the boys at the same bar,
Netflix and Chill with the missus on a Monday... meanwhile so and so is posting photos from their Bali surf trip ft. bikini babes and high contrast and HD def...

2. Awkward. Because of those 15 Thailand photos I posted on my last holiday...

So, what exactly did the University of Georgia prove?

Vice reports that researchers questioned 758 people on their desire to visit Cuba. Cuba because it's the "it" place to travel to for US citizens right now because it's only recently been opened up, making it a desirable and "authentic" travel experience as it hasn't had the opportunity to be "McDonaldized" yet.

On that notion, researchers asked people on whether they wanted to go to Cuba in the next year, the next five years or the next ten. Researchers then probed the respondents further to find out what their motivations for travel were.

Their study found people who wanted to visit in the next year were interested in the allure of "likes" on social media while those willing to wait a bit longer displayed more interest in the Cuban culture and country itself.

Noting: "the symbolic value of social media posts about travel experiences has a greater influence on intentions to travel in the short-term compared to the long-term."

Researchers then suggested the ol' bandwagon effect could be very useful for travel agencies.  


Anyway, off to Waiheke for the weekend.

Have a good one.