Tim Tam's tranforming into a Gloriavale cult leader on Shorty Street

Breakfast 24/10/2017

After weeks of build up, we finally have confirmation on Tammy's big, new acting job... SHORTLAND STREET!

Yeah, yeah, you probably already knew ol' Tim Tam was heading to Shorty Street after he announced his subtle "hint" that he'd be heading to "Ferndale" a couple weeks ago on George Breakfast - but what you didn't know was what his role would entail...

Meet Luke, the ex-con turned Gloriavale-inspired cult leader. 

Tammy's storyline will be taking us through to the annual Shortland Street Christmas cliffhanger.

So, with a couple months of actually having to learn his lines ahead, and to help him fully embody the cult leader role, we thought we'd ask George listeners if they had any culty advise for Tim Tam.

Listen above.