We're challenging you to make a "Yeah, Yeah, Durries" remix

Breakfast 12/10/2017

Incase you're not sure what "Yeah Yeah Durries" is or where it came from, there's a guy who calls us loyally every week on George Breakfast's Tell Us Something Good to say "ye, ye, durries, ye, ye.".

So often, it's become somewhat iconic between the George fam and our listeners.
That dude wearing the Yeah Yeah Durries shirt above was a rinser Haylee Clarke found in the crowd at Our:House...

Holy shit, the power of repitition... The dude made fetch happen. 

Anywaym Breakfast Producer Ben thought it was time to make a "Yeah Yeah Durries" anthem, remixing the stems to Kendrick's "Humble."

No need to beat around the bush, Ben was pretty stoked with himself and his remix. Right up until the moment Ryan Enzed called up, having heard George Breakfast yarn about Ben's remix, and then decided to drop his own... 

So, now, mostly to piss ol' salty Ben off some more... we're putting the call out to your guys to make your own remix, the stems are up for free download on our SoundCloud   
Every Friday George FM Breakfast will release a 'Yeah Yeah Durries' Remix.

Yep, we're giving YOU the chance to remix it and have it played on the show.

Email your 'Yeah Yeah Durries' remixes to breakfastshow@georgefm.co.nz