Maggot Aussie denied McNuggies at McDs, loses his mind, orders 200 hash browns and gets arrested

McDonalds 22/11/2017

Recently, a 30-year-old Aussie man had a big night on the beersies and found himself craving some McNuggets on his road home, The Daily Meal reports. 

So, the lad went through the Maccas drive through at around 4.50am, only to be told the franchise was now serving breakfast and nuggies WERE NOT POSSIBLE. 

This news crushed the man's fried-chicky-bites-dipped-in-sweet-and-sour dreams - rightly so, didn't think Breakfast started 'til 6am and nothing makes you feel more like a cooked keeeeeeent than getting to the Maccas breakfast menu before you've even scored yourself a moe moe... let alone if Breakfast starts an hour and ten minutes earlier than you expected...

Fuck, that's rough, let's be honest we'd be pretty irate.

Unsurprisingly, the man did exactly that, becoming so irate he drove around the drive through four times. During one of his trips he ordered 200 hash browns.

That's a whopping $230 worth of hashy tato goodness. 

Now, while deep fried potato squares are great for soaking up that booze brain, unfortunately driving while pissed... yeah, not so great. 

Infact, driving drunk is widely discouraged. 

No jokes. It kills around a 100 people a year on NZ roads. 

Probs not a newsflash... but don't be a tosser todger. Catch a taxi. 

Also, don't be abusive towards drive through workers, no matter how pissed ye are - these guys are doing you a service. Someone's got to do it, and everyone has to start on the working ladder somewhere... 

Barack Obama, Fred Durst, Gwen Stefani, Rachel McAdams, Brad Pitt and James Franco all did at one point in their lives. 

Long story short. Be a good dude. Eat hash browns. Don't drive drunk. Be nice to people. 


Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)