Saucy, shirtless Vladimir Putin 2018 calendars available now! JUST 20 BUCK!

funny shit 24/11/2017

Vladimir Putin's 2018 calendar has been released and it's packed with photos of him doing all the manly stuff he likes to associate himself with.

The Russian president hunts topless with a scoped, bolt action rifle in one photo and rides a Harley Davidson motorbike in another.

Mr Putin also does judo, catches a fish, hugs a kitten and wears an ice hockey uniform in the calendar, which is available on eBay.


There are reportedly only around 6000 copies of the calendar coming out, with versions released in English, Spanish and Italian, as well as Russian.

On, the calendar costs US$12.89 (NZ$18.74).


Mr Putin has been thrust into the international spotlight in recent months over allegations he ordered meddling in the 2016 US election and helped Donald Trump win.

While he has a passionate fan base that enjoys photos of his manly activities, Mr Putin's long history of reported human rights abuses and alleged assassinations have made him a villain to many.