Couple snapped rooting in their car whilst cranking George FM this morning

Breakfast 13/12/2017

Forget Andre3000. Frank Ocean who? John Mayer, shmayer. The xx? Mehx. Am I right? 

Why listen to sexy singers when you could be listening to the dulcet tones of Clint, Kara and Tammy...

Yep, a caller this morning rung up to tell us he'd snapped a couple having a cheeky morning in-out-in-out in their car, near Puketutu Island, Auckland, whilst cranking George Breakfast.


So, we created a rootception, so to speak - talked about them banging on air, while they were presumably banging listening to us. 

Listen to the full yarn above. 

Probably the most deserving you have a congratulations mate yet.