Man goes too hard on the pingers, steals swan boat, gets stranded and has to be rescued

Drugs 21/12/2017

A Florida man had to be rescued after becoming stranded in a lake on a boat he stole while outrageously high on ecstasy.

Orlando Police were called to Lake Eola at 4am last Friday after bystanders heard Kyle Thurston screaming for help. He was calling out from the fountain in the middle of the lake, according to reports.

Mr Thurston had got out to the fountain by stealing a boat shaped like a swan and paddling out there, police say. However, he forgot to tie it up and it drifted away from him, leaving the 36-year-old stranded.

Once rescued, Mr Thurston explained that he was on a drug-fuelled bender that drove him to want to be amongst the swans.

"Before Thurston was transported he explained he ingested a large quantity of Molly (MDMA) and wanted to be with the swans because they didn't judge him," said the incident report.

"He stated he took the swan boat out onto the lake to be with the swans, and paddled it to the fountain."

Orlando Police is in discussions with the rental boat company over whether they will file charges.