Calling all hot, fit Instagram guys... the NZ nation needs you

stripper 16/12/2017

As summer heats up New Zealand, demand heats up for sexy men taking off their clothes in front of an excited audience.

It's hen party season and those in charge of supplying male strippers say demand is exceeding supply.

Dion Murphy, the owner of Men of Steel - New Zealand's only male strip club - says the venue is sold out "practically till March".

"We're hiring at the moment as we have so much demand and people are screaming out for a touring show," says Mr Murphy.

The male stripper shortage was first reported on by Stuff.

Strip of Meat, which supplies male strippers and life drawing models, tells the website demand is currently 33 percent greater than it was at this time last year.

''We've got the demand from customers... but we just don't have the guys," says spokesperson Christian Newman.

He says restrictions on advertising for jobs in the adult entertainment industry makes finding workers tough.

Some men may not want to work as a stripper because of a stigma attached to the job, but it's said to be not too different to how many people use social media.

"A lot of guys out there are going to the gym, working on their bodies, who love to show them off on Facebook and Instagram," says Mr Newman.

"They don't realise you can actually be paid for this."

Mr Newman says his contractors can make around $600 for just a few hours of work.

Even if they are willing to do the job and are physically attractive, a lot of guys apparently don't have what it takes to be a good stripper.

"We need more guys, and it's an amazing job at the club. You're a rock star, women are screaming for you, it's a weekly gig and it pays great money," says Men of Steel's Mr Murphy.

"But the problem can definitely be getting the right kind of guy. It's not about having the best body, you can build a better body. It's not about being a good dancer, I'll teach you how to dance.

"It's about having a good attitude. If you have a shitty attitude, you just don't last and you won't make money."

Mr Murphy encourages men looking to earn good money to consider stripping this summer.

"Many guys who would make great strippers don't apply to us because they have all these misconceptions," he says.

"You just have to be hardworking, good at talking to women, upbeat and easy on the eye. I'll do the rest. You don't come as Channing Tatum, I make you Channing Tatum."

Customers organising hen's parties are strongly advised by Men of Steel to book early or risk being disappointed.