Pop-up D’n’B train rave blows bored commuters minds

funny shit 12/04/2017

Two modern-day heroes, DJ Discoboy and MC Harry Shotta, took to the London Underground last night and set up a spontaneous Drum’n’Bass rave in a train, complete with extensive rave lighting, huge speakers and a crowd of unsuspecting commuters who took to the surprise rave like anyone oughta – they let their hair down and partied their train ride away…

That is until the police turned up to shut that shit down.

Fucking coppas, coppas, punch em in the face.

Kidding, kidding - Police are people too guys, and they were just doing their job.

Discoboy and Shotta were good natured throughout the whole shut down process, a spokesman for the BTP (British Transport Police)  said: “Officers attended and spoke with a man who agreed to turn off the speakers and the light systems. Then they left the station.”

 “Whilst officers relish any opportunity to experience underground drum and bass (sic), we’d kindly ask DJs to refrain from using the Tube as a pop-up club.”

Event organiser, Discoboy (and member of the internet collective Trollstation where the video above was originally hosted) told the Press Association: “There was a great atmosphere. The police shut it down but they were cool about it.”

We reckon they could have been cooler though. How about one rave carriage per train permanently?

Auckland Transport what do you think? We could partner up, put a George FM rave cave in every single one of your trains?

It’d be great for your commuter's morale. Plus you might get less complaints about your shit ass running times, if people were distracted by a mad af rave.

Hit us up Auckland Transport. We gotchu.

Check out the six minute film the two D’n’B ledgebags managed to capture of their train rave stunt.

Check, check, check it. Up top.