Dude wakes up on autopsy table after three doctors declared him well and truly cooked

News 10/01/2018

A Spanish prisoner has woken up on the autopsy table hours after being declared dead.

Gonzalo Montoya, 29, was serving a prison sentence in Asturias for theft when he was found unconscious in his cell on Sunday (local time).

Three doctors examined the man but found no vital signs. Montoya was declared dead and placed in a body bag to be sent to a hospital mortuary. 

After his arrival at the Legal Medical Institute of Oviedo, forensic doctors heard noises coming from Montoya's 'corpse' and realised he was still alive - four hours after being declared dead.

A relative of Montoya told local news site La Voz de Asturias that his body had already been marked in preparation for an autopsy.

They also said that Montoya may not have been taking his epilepsy medication while in prison, which could have led to a case of catalepsy - a condition where vital signs drop to undetectable levels. This theory has yet to be confirmed by medical professionals.

Montoya is now under observation at a hospital in Oviedo.

Source: Newshub.