KFC releases online merch and it's actually cool af...


When KFC comes to mind, it's usually after big night out on the booze. In you're hungover state, the greasy goodness just sounds like it will be a good time, whether that's having it for breakie, lunch or dinner, just anytime that day will do to soak up the previous nights mess.

Now KFC is expanding it's offering into fashion...that's right, fashion. The mega fast food chain has debuted a new line of clothing, jewelry and home goods that screams coolness.

The online shop is only available in the USA at this stage and has been a huge success with alot of items already sold out. Fingers crossed it comes to NZ, as we're big fans of the 'Dream Colonel Pillowcase', the 'Fried Chicken USA' sweat and the 'Fried Chicken' socks; the perfect sleep combo for you to get into after coming back from the clubs at 4am, drunk and ready to hit the hay so you can wake up the next day knowing that KFC is going to make it all better.

Check out some of the range below.