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Lads built their own island to avoid the liquor ban

funny shit 03/01/2018

A group of friends have reached peak Kiwi ingenuity - spending New Year's Eve building a sandcastle in the Tairua estuary in order to avoid a liquor ban.

The Coromandel-wide ban, which has been instated for the holiday period, didn't stop the group from welcoming 2018 their own way. 

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Upon building their sandcastle - fully decked out with a picnic table and chilli bin - the group enjoyed a few beers together as the final hours of the year drew to a close. 

It's reported members of the group said the liquor ban didn't apply to them, as they were drinking "in international waters".

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Reminiscing on the time rebellious Coromandel natives started Radio Hauraki, Thames Coromandel mayor Sandra Goudie couldn't help being impressed.

"That's the one thing I absolutely love about the Coromandel," she said. "The inventive nature of people.

"It's about the creativity, the legal reality is somewhat different."

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Waikato eastern area commander Insp John Kelly said police weren't even aware of the group's escapades.

"That's creative thinking," he said. "If I had known that, I probably would've joined them."