Rugby punter loses his shit after Six Nation win, takes a dump on pub table in front of everyone

funny shit 07/02/2018

After Saturday's Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Scotland, which Scotland eat shit, jubilations were at an all time high, with fans celebrating the win by drinking a lot of alcohol.

One punter, clearly unable to control his overwhelming feeling of joy, quite literally lost his shit and took a dump on a pub table in front of a crowd of onlookers.

"There was a group of around 12 to 15 men who had come in after the rugby," Nicola Morris, the owner of the pub, told Wales Online.

I was walking around the pub when a member of staff came over and alerted me to what had happened: someone had defecated on the table at the front of the pub. Another one of the group had then got an empty pint glass and stuck it in the mess.

A letter of apology was pushed through the pub's letterbox yesterday, with the apparent culprit expressing his "sincere apologies", blaming the consumption of "too much alcohol" and offering to make a charity donation.