The best names Kiwi bogans have "blessed" their babies with

funny shit 15/03/2017

Kiwi parents have reportedly been getting more creative with their baby naming.

New Zealand parenting website, Kidspot, just published its list of Bogan Baby Names: 2017 Edition.

It appears bogans have moved on from simply replacing every C with a K and I with a Y. We’re now in a golden age of Bogan Baby Names.

Kidspot explains: "alcohol-inspired appellations rank at the top of the bogan totem pole."

This could be bad news for local strippers. Neither Bacardi or Sauvignon are exclusively reserved for their alias' anymore. 

With all this in mind we decided to ask you guys what are the best bogan baby names you've come across. 

Here's some of our top picks from the text machine: 

At least they come in a classy, gold box... right? 

The ol' "can't pick a name, so let's just merge both of ours!" trick. Problem solving!

Conceived whilst parents were drunk in love? 

Points for this triple bogan fret. 

No judgment, you never know when the inspiration is gonna kick in...

Just... what... 

Well, well, well, sounds like CYFS have their hands full... 

Points for this triple fret.