The moment a restaurant owner realises she's accidentally served cocaine, not cheese sticks

funny shit 02/02/2018

This is the moment a US restaurant owner realises she's accidentally given a customer a container of cocaine instead of cheese sticks.

Indiana woman Carrie Demoff was arrested this week and faces felony charges after allegedly handing out the illegal substance, local media reports.

CCTV footage of the incident was released by the Griffith Police Department, showing Demoff's panic and fury, when she notices the mistake.

The mix-up began when she allegedly placed the cocaine into a white takeaway container in the kitchen.

Soon after, a customer walks into the store to pick up her order of cheese sticks, but the cashier accidentally gives her the container with the cocaine inside.

Just after she leaves, a man walks into the restaurant to speak to Demoff and starts to count out cash.

Behind the counter, Demoff becomes visibly upset, as she can't find the cocaine.

She storms around, throwing things and screaming at her colleague, while frantically hunting for the drugs.

Unfortunately for Demoff, the customer who received the illicit substance went to police and she was arrested.

Demoff has been charged with possession and attempted distribution of cocaine.

Source: Newshub.