Drunk yoga is here and it will make you piss fit AND shredded for Summer (simultaneously)

News 15/11/2017

Drunk yoga, ladies and gents. Finally, an exercise class we can all take part in.

Eli Walker, a yoga instructor from New York is offering evening classes of yoga with booze. The reason? Because "one is more flexible when drunk".

Touché Walker.

From doggy, to downward dog, eh? 


For only 30 USD, you can enjoy yoga alongside some bevvys from Grey Lady in lower Manhattan. According to their official event page, this would be great for those who are worried they may look silly trying yoga for the first time.

According to Walker, quite a number of her students are afraid to try yoga or think they're not flexible enough. She believes a little bit of liquid courage would do the trick.


I thought it would be fun to turn yoga into more of a party. If I made it into a game it would make people more comfortable.


Too bad the States isn't exactly our next door neighbour, we can't just pop over for a boozy yoga.

Earlier this year, Takapuna bar Master & Apprentice did a few beer yoga classes...

We want MORE! 

Gummon Auckland hospitality, where's the drunk yoga at! 

In the meantime, here at George, we've got you covered. Have your own drunk yoga party with your mates with this handy drunk beginner class down below.