Our top five picks of what's good on Netflix in April

Netflix 30/03/2017

With festival season fast wrapping up and our pockets feeling a little shallower than we remember, after a few long hard months of partying... "what’s coming to Netflix this April?" seems like a pressing question.

Unfortunately we’re seeing the back of some excellent shows come April. Good bye Firefly. Good bye Wilfred. We enjoyed binge watching you in all your glory, all over again. Also see ya, see ya later House, Buffy, Angel, and a bunch of Superman classics.

But don’t let that freak you out TV-bingers. Summer has come to an end, the rainy day's are closing in on us and Netflix has us set up with a slew of new goods.  

Our top pick is part 2 of The Get Down

The Get Down (Season 1 – Part 2) - April 7th

Baz Luhrmann’s bank-breaking hip-hop centric drama returns April 7th,  set a year after we left the final of part one. Mylene’s a disco star. Zeke’s figuring shit out. Shaolin’s still stuck in the shady part of town. Jaden Smith is there to say “wow” at the appropriate cue.

And we hypppped. Stock up on buttery popcorn and find someone to cuddle up with, but don’t Netflix-and-chill too hard friends, cause this is one you actually want to WATCH.  Big budget music drama with sexy cinematography, a solid story and some banging tunes.

Dear White People – April 28th

Justin Simien’s acclaimed 2014 film is now getting a 10-episode series on Netflix. The show takes place on a predominantly white Ivy League campus, where educated students witness racial tension that builds up to an explosive point thanks to a blackface themed party...

However, the show reportedly goes well beyond the films narrative, each episode told from a different point of view of a different character.

This alternating POV is a formula that’s been shown time and time again as one of the most powerful ways to piece a full story together, and build characters we actually give a shit about (think of iconic shows like Skins, Game of Thrones). 

Win It All - April 7th

An anxiety-inducing Netflix original movie about a gambling addict who gets left with a big ass duffel bag of cash by an acquaintance who's heading for the slammer... 

This mixed with Jake Johnson’s satirical charm and co-starring Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), is sure to be winner.

Plus, there’s something kinda comforting in watching a fictional story about someone who makes worse financial decisions than us.   

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On – April 21st

This is a follow up to the successful documentary, and will be a docu-series with six separate episodes that cover six real stories about people who’s lives have been forever changed by the forms of sex and intimacy they've found on the depths of the interwebs.

Some of the characters include a cam girl, a woman who works for an amateur porn agency in Miami and some of a man who’s life have been consumed by his online fantasy.

Casting JonBenet - April 28th

This new true-crime documentary revisits the tragic story about the six year old pageant star who was brutally murdered in her own home back in 1996.

The crime has never been solved and as such, the documentary has taken a very unique approach .

Director Kitty Green returns to Boulder, Colorado (where the murder took place) and enlists locals to audition for the different roles. Green captures the locals attempts to get into character and their thoughts on the 1996 case. The trailer looks eery as all hell, and the doco look like a mixture of commentary with performance and investigation with interpretation.

The Sundance Film Festival couldn’t stop raving about it. If you were a Making A Murderer fan this will probably be right up your alley. It begins streaming April 28. 

Happy watching!