There's a strain of weed that helps people lose weight

weed 02/03/2017

Munchies are one of those textbook reactions to a quality blaze.

Food just tastes so much better when you’re stoned.

Plus them cravings can be strong.

Just last night, we know someone who demolished a bag of Pineapple Lumps, a family size pack of sour cream & chives chips, and a packet of Nice & Natural Sour Squirms - all by herself, while binge watching Netflix.

She then spent the next 30 minutes trying to find a flat mate who was willing to give her a belly rub…


Anywaaay, what we're getting at here, is that munchies are an internal struggle all stoners have to deal with...

Or are they?

Researchers are currently getting mad excited about a chemical element found in some strains of marijuana called tetrahydrocannabivarian (THVC), which in its pure form has the capacity to subdue hunger instead of provoke it.

THVC is being hailed as a new weapon against obesity and type 2 diabetes, while also lowering cholesterol levels and fat in vital organs like the liver.

Plus it gets you crazy high.

Weed strains containing THCV energize the cannabinoid cocktail, making for a quick-acting and euphoric high.

That’s a lot of good shit right there.
Only hitch: unlike it’s near-identical cannabinoid cuzzie, THC, THVC is produced in tiny quantities in the cannabis plant.

Scientists have known about this miracle cannabinoid for some time, but it’s been too expensive and difficult to extract for further study.

However, biotech firm Teewinot Life Sciences have come out as the first company to claim they can replicate and produce this precious chemical in commercial quanitites.  
Exciting stuff.

“Our technology removes the negative factors from the plant,” Jeff Korentur, Teewinot’s CEO, told Forbes. “We produce the same cannabinoid, just replicated outside the plant. It is identical in every way.”

While Teewinot develop their appetite suppressant formula, we’re betting a lot of you would like to give THVC a go…

Well, thanks to current laws in New Zealand, the weed smoked here is by and large, a lucky dip. However, THVC strains are definitely out there.

So get smoking stoners.

And next time the high hits you hard and fast and you’re floating on a cloud of euphoria, but the munchies just don’t come, take pleasure in knowing you’ve probably got some of that magical THVC running through you.