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Brazilian woman arrested for smuggling 4.6kgs of cocaine into NZ... on her birthday

Our News 04/04/2017

As far as shit birthdays go.....this must be by far one of the shittest.

According to this story on Newshub, a Brazilian chica was busted at NZ Customs for trying to smuggle 4.6 kilograms of cocaine from the land of the long white line into the land of the long white cloud.

One of the suitcases that hid the 4.6kg total of cocaine.

If you were wondering, 4.6 kilos is about $3.2 million. Holy. Fucksticks.

She now in prison. More details from the hub:

It won't be quite the New Zealand birthday experience for one Brazilian woman who is now in prison after being arrested at Auckland Airport.

The 29-year-old was found with 4.6 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage on Sunday.

The woman arrived on a flight from Chile but began her journey in Brazil.

She was questioned by Customs officers and X-rays of her bags indicated the contents needed further investigation. 

The street value of the cocaine she was carrying is as high as $3.2 million in New Zealand.

New Zealand Customs said intelligence provided identified the woman as a high-risk passenger, and suspicions were confirmed after further questioning.

The woman is due to appear at the Manukau District Court on Friday.

Maaaaaate. You've had a blowout. Just be lucky it's not the other way round and you're not stuck rotting away in a Chilean or Brazilian prison (yeah, we've read The Cocaine Diaries).

While we're on the subject of doing bad things involving reminded us of this George Breakfast listener who blew $23,000 on coke and cars, and spent 12 months behind bars for it....