'Ethical brothel' owner salty over struggle to find workers

Breakfast 16/05/2017

Antonia Murphy opened an "ethical brothel" called 'The Bach' in Whangarei a few months ago.

"Does that mean the prostitutes are free range?" joked Clint. 

Kara explains: "Selling their services is totally legal. It's a lovely work place. They have flexible hours. They have childcare on sight. They provide all of the clothing that you need."

"I think they're paid $180 an hour." 

But apparently Murphy is struggling to find staff, because no one will let her advertise.

TradeMe won't let her, Facebook won't let her, WINZ won't let her. 

Kara points out how bizarre this is: 

I mean prostitution is legal. Why can't she just advertise to people who want a job?

"She said she won't employ anyone who has drug problems, or massive debts, or she thinks is doing it because they're in a financial hole. She just wants people who are DTF"

"For work," Clint adds.

Should she be able to advertise?