Hunter shot elephant then got crushed to death when the animal fell

News 22/05/2017

Theunis Botha (

An elephant shot by a hunting party in Zimbabwe fell on the leader of the group, killing him.

Theunis Botha, 51, was picked up by a female elephant, enraged the hunters had interrupted her breeding herd.

A fellow hunter shot her and she collapsed on top of Mr Botha, killing him, South African website News24 reported.

Mr Botha was experienced big-game hunter who regularly took wealthy clients on 'Monteria' hunts - packs of dogs are used to drive deer, boar, lions and leopards towards the hunters, who then open fire. It's not believed the party was looking for elephants to kill.

The hunt that killed him took place on Friday afternoon, The Telegraph reported. He was leading the group through Good Luck Farm near Hwange National Park when they accidentally disturbed the breeding pack.

Three elephants ran at the group from the front, but Mr Botha didn't see a fourth coming from the side.

His death comes only six weeks after his friend Scott van Zyl, 44, was killed by crocodiles at the Limpopo River, Zimbabwe.

Mr Botha leaves behind a wife and five children.

Zimbabwe has a lucrative hunting market, with wealthy trophy hunters paying tens of thousands of dollars to score big-game kills. Proponents say the money is used for much-needed conservation efforts.

The issue made headlines in 2015 when Cecil the lion was shot with an arrow and then a rifle by dentist Walter Palmer.