Pigeon found with 200 ecstacy pills in its backpack

Drugs 25/05/2017

One drug smuggler has grown tired of his drug mules ending up on Banged Up Abroad and has instead, turned to one of the oldest means of transporting packages/messages ever.  

Yes. Ye old Pigeon post has been going on since Julius Caesar was living up large with his Roman Empire back in the BCs. Less popular these days since the invention of express mail of course.

But pigeons do fly at roughly 80kms per hour, so if you’re okay with chasing pigeons, and training them to arrive at your drop off point, you can fly things (on the fly) pretty mother fucking quick.  

And of course, the pigeon (funnily enough) is far less likely to sqwuak than a human mule.

Unfortunately for the pigeon-ecstacy-smuggling mastermind, shit didn’t unfold the way they’d hoped.

Kuwait authorities were on to the homing pigeon, gurning it straight from Iraq.

Ironically, officers detained the bird on a building near the customs department.

According to local newspaper Al-Rai, there were 178 ecstasy pills were found in a small bag attached to the bird's back.

Not today pigeon king pin, but props to your creativity nonetheless.