Schapelle Corby's FIRE Instagram account and the four types of people commenting on it

Breakfast 30/05/2017

Schapelle Corby's OUT. The media is losing their god damn minds. And the only way she's communicating is through her new Instagram account.

Having only been introduced to the social media three days ago, Schapelle's Insta skills are somewhat questionable... but she's already garnered 168,000 followers.

Some of the comments that are pouring on to the Instagram account are hilarious. 

This morning on George Breakfast, Kara broke Schapelle's Instagram followers down into four types.  

1.  "The supporters, who love Schapelle." 

Boogie boards out for Shapelle.

2. "The haters, who are just awful." 

3. "Bunch of dudes who want to slide into her DM's and keep asking if she's on Tinder."

Girl, fuck Instagram, get Tinder. 

4. "And the last category is a group of people who want to score weed." 

Schapelle, please, please answer me. I need some good weed to take to State of Origin.

Wee taster of the Schapelle Corby Instagram experience below, but it's in the comments where the real gold lives...