Nepalese tramper got lost in NZ because he didn't want dirty vans

Breakfast 19/05/2017

Karma Tsering (pictured above), a Nepalese tramper, took a wrong turn and went missing on the Wairere Falls tracks near Matamara on Wednesday.

Karma was lagging behind his friends because he wanted to keep his white vans clean. 

Reminds us of a certain General we know

Karma's friends went left, he went right, and the group didn't realise Karma was missing until they reached the lookout point and noticed he wasn't behind them.

Kara ponders: "How did his friends..." 

Clint puts it bluntly.. like he does best.  

"You know how. Have you been on a bush walk with a slow person before?" 

In the end you just ditch them, cause you're like I'm not getting the cardiovascular workout that I came here to get.

Kara adds: "His friend actually said: 'we both moved here from Nepal about five years ago, and being from Nepal, the group were familiar with hiking and came very well prepared' Well.. your mate didn't."  

The group started to panic, as it began to get dark and they couldn't find Karma.

You know what they say, Karma's a bitch.

The police were called and just as an official search party was about to launch Karma came running out of the track. 

A little shaken, but safe. thankfully.

Despite only being missing for a couple hours. He'd already gone into survival mode, emptying the beer bottle he had in his bag and drunk water from the river with it. 

Hope he didn't waste the beer. 

We'd love to see the vans now...