Tammy opens up about condemning gangs and getting assaulted because of it

Breakfast 24/05/2017

Image obtained from South Pacific Pictures

As a teenager Tammy Davis almost fell into the gang life. 

"When I was about 16-17, I left school, decided to go live with my cousins and stuff, out there in the Kaingaroa Forest."

"I thought that I was going to be the man, ride a Harley Davidson, that was going to be my occupation, maybe grow some weed out there in the bush." 

He counts his blessings now, that his life took a different turn. 

However, a view years ago, Tammy was interviewed about his thoughts on gangs.

I basically said it's the worst thing that could ever happen to you as a young Maori man.

"I've seen what it does, and I've seen a lot of my family and stuff get taken into that world. I really wanted to let people know... if you have the chance to have a different career choice, don't go down that path."   

Shortly after the article was published, Tammy was in a small town bar, when we was attacked by a couple gang members for his outspoken words. 

"If they were intimidated by little old me, getting out there and saying how I feel, then so be it."  
"It sucked... But I was happy at the fact that me, just being myself and going up against it, I can make a change." 

What it told me was one person can make a difference.